China Meteorological Administration publicized the main weather and climate characteristics of 2016 spring in China

china climateCMA. 06-06-2016. Source:China Meteorological News Press. It is reported that the spring average temperature across China was 11.6 ℃, 1.2℃above the average. It ranked the second place in history record since 1961 and was only second to 11.8℃ in 2008. Furthermore, the temperature was 1~2℃ above average in most of northern China and 2~4℃ above normal in portions of northern and western Xinjiang and northwestern Tibet.

 In this spring, the average precipitation increased by 21.7% than normal level and hit 174.9mm. It was only second to 187.1 mm in 1952 and 179.1 mm in 1973. What’s more, in portions of most of Northeast China, western Inner Mongolia, northern Xinjiang, eastern Northwest China, northwestern Gansu, central and eastern Tibet, eastern Southwest China, Yangtze-Huai River, South of the Yangtze River, and central and eastern South China, the precipitation increased by 50% to 100% or even 200%. However, in some certain locations of western Xinjiang, northwestern Tibet, central and eastern Inner Mongolia, North China, and Huang-Huai River, the rainfall reduced by 20% to 80%.

 In addition, up to 116 meteorological locations have experienced drastic drop in daily temperature, and 22 out of these stations have broken the history bottom. The events of extreme daily precipitation have been observed by 22 meteorological stations and five out of them have set new records. (June 6)

Reporter Bao Ning
Editor Wu Peng

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