Typhoon Nida shrank to tropical depression and continued to affect Guangxi and Guizhou

laibin cityCMA. 03-08-2016Source:National Meteorological Center.  On the evening of August 2, Typhoon Nida, this year’s fourth typhoon shrank to tropical depression in Jinxiu County, Laibin City of south China’s Guangxi Province.

 From 3 to 4 August, induced by the remaining influence of Nida, portions of most of Guangxi and Guizhou, central Hubei, and southeast Yunnan will be exposed to heavy rain or rainstorm. Furthermore, parts of southeastern Guizhou will be battered by heavy rainstorm (100~170 mm).

 In addition, in the following three days, induced by continental high atmospheric pressure, in portions of most of Inner Mongolia, western Northeast China, and Turpan Depression of Xinjiang, the temperature is expected to strike 35 ℃ or 37~40℃. (August 3)

Editor Wu Peng

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