First Exhibition of 37 Interactive Entertainment in ChinaJoy’s B2C Area

SHANGHAI, On July 31st, China Digital Entertainment Expo and Conference 2016 (ChinaJoy 2016), the largest gaming and digital entertainment exhibition inChina, came to an end. It’s the first time that 37 Interactive Entertainment has held an exhibit in the B2C Area and displayed its latest products to end-users.

37 Interactive Entertainment’s booth was very eye-catching with the theme of an “Icy Summer”. It was composed of a main stage and two experience zones symmetric to each other, representing a glacier and rain forest in perfect harmony. In this mini-world created by 37 Interactive Entertainment, visitors could tryout a whole range of products from classics to those which are still in concept development.

VR Experience Zone With Quality Games

The VR Experience Zone of 37 Interactive Entertainment gained massive popularity among visitors with a fully immersive multiplayer virtual reality system called the MATRIX. The MATRIX features wireless motion capturing and a multiplayer interactive system which can effectively avoid the “virtual loneliness” often experienced by VR device users. Another advantage of the MATRIX is almost a latency free experience (less than 20ms), making the devices not only immersive but also comfortable to play.

Beyond the impressive hardware being used, the VR games in the experience zone were highly praised. 37 Interactive Entertainment displayed several VR games such as CSVR-Survivor and Dragon Slayer. These high quality experiences for VR gamers attracted a large number of visitors who were willing to wait for more than half an hour to have a try.

Globalization and Partnership

The developer of the MATRIX is Archiact, a Canadian company recently acquired by 37 Interactive Entertainment. 37 Interactive Entertainment is partnering with multiple companies in the VR market. Strategies are being deployed in both domestic Chinese market and overseas market, mostly in the field of VR content development. It is 37 Interactive Entertainment’s design that dominates the VR market by providing first class VR content supplemented with top-level devices such as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

VR gaming is not the only market that 37 Interactive Entertainment is interested in. The company’s target is the overall global entertainment market. Having acquired renowned international developers including ENP Games (Korea) and SNK Play (Japan), 37 Interactive Entertainment is fully utilizing their experience in the global market to adapt old and new games to the various preferences of international audiences.

From Games to Pan-entertainment

ChinaJoy used to be famous for its “show girls”, however, this year the beautiful streamers of 37 Interactive Entertainment have stolen the spotlight. The streamers allowed 37 Interactive Entertainment’s show to be broadcast directly online, making it possible for players who did not come to ChinaJoy to also enjoy the exhibition. Streaming platforms offer a unique way for 37 Interactive Entertainment to promote its brand and keep in touch with its players.

In addition to live streaming, 37 Interactive Entertainment is also very active in other sub-markets within the entertainment industry. Cooperating with companies such as Mango Media, Alpha Animation, Filmko Film, and getting A-list film stars involved in game operations, 37 Interactive Entertainment has extended IP acquisition to multiple entertainment markets including games, films, animations, etc. Some successful cases include Nirvana in Fire, Chinese Hero Zhao Zi Long and Dragon Blade.

The meticulously prepared ChinaJoy booth is only a showcase of the present 37 Interactive Entertainment. In the future, 37 Interactive Entertainment will stick to its “Integration, Globalization and Diversification” strategies and be devoted to providing more and better entertainment products and services to users all over the world.

CONTACT: Shadow Hong, +86-13632459767,

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