First environmental monitoring stations open in Karamay

cero emision chinaMEP.  The first stations monitoring vehicle emissions began operating on Aug 1 in Karamay, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

This new station will be used to conduct one part of a vehicle’s annual auto inspections. In accordance with air pollution laws, drivers will not be qualified to receive either safety or general inspection tests without first passing an emissions test.

Accordingly, it is essential that car owners drive their car to the nearest monitoring station and receive an emissions test. The Karamay Environmental Protection Bureau will not issue the car a green-mark certification until it receives the necessary emissions test report.

Drivers must bring a motor vehicle registration certificate, driver’s license and identification card. The cost of the test is 70 yuan ($11).

Karamay car owners have a choice of four different emission monitoring stations to bring their cars to. Two of these are located in the Dushanzi district, one is located in the Baijiantan district and the other in the Karamay district.

Yang Xiang, the director of the station, was keen to emphasize the ease with which these new tests are carried out.”We have four gas monitoring stations for light motor vehicles. The whole test can be finished in ten minutes. There is no need for car owners to make appointment.”

Source:China Daily


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