Li Ganjie meets with Acting President and CEO of Westinghouse

china general nuclearSEP. BEIJING, CENEWS-MEP Vice Minister and NNSA Administrator Li Ganjie met in Beijing with Jose Gutierrez, the new Acting President and CEO of Westinghouse Electric Company recently. The two sides exchanged views on issues of common concern, including the progress of the AP1000 nuclear power program, and China-U.S. cooperation on nuclear power and nuclear security.

Li began by extending welcome to the delegation headed by Jose Gutierrez. Then he said, Westinghouse is one of the parties in the China-U.S. partnership on nuclear power generation and he hoped that the two sides would maintain communications on key issues relevant to the nuclear power projects, extend and deepen cooperation, and seek common development.

Li gave a brief introduction to how the nuclear power is being developed in China. He said, there are 56 nuclear power generation units in China, including 32 ones already in commercial operation and 24 underway. Since being put into commercial operation, the 32 generating units have maintained good safety records. None nuclear incident or accident with any environmental or public health impact has ever been recorded. The safety records of the majority of the nuclear power plants in China have always been at the medium or high level among the power plants in the world.

Li noted that the development of nuclear power is highly essential, proper, and inevitable as far as China’s economic growth, energy restructuring, energy security, and environmental protection are concerned. Nuclear safety is the lifeline, the essential basis and the support in development of nuclear power. China has always maintained close ties and good relations with international nuclear power partners. China and the U.S. enjoy great potentials in cooperation on nuclear power development and nuclear safety, and are embracing broad prospects.

Speaking of the AP1000 program, Li referred it as the largest energy cooperation project between China and the U.S., which is considerably important to the nuclear power development in China and the world as well. He hoped that the Westinghouse would adhere to the “safety first” principle, and facilitate the smooth progress of this program on the condition of ensuring safety.

Jose Gutierrez expressed gratitude to Li. He said Westinghouse hopes to share information and keep communications with the Chinese side in a comprehensive and transparent way, undertake close cooperation further, and facilitate the smooth progress of the bilateral AP1000 program.

(This English version is for your reference only.In case any discrepancy exists between the Chinese and English context, the Chinese version shall prevail.)

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