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Heavy-lift rocket sets off to Hainan for debut

SIPO. China’s heavy-lift Long March 5 carrier rocket started its sea journey on Aug 26 to the Wenchang Space Launch Center on the island province of Hainan to prepare for its debut flight, according to the nation’s space authority. The rocket, the nation’s strongest and most technologically advanced launch vehicle, left Tianjin’s port in the morning and was being transported by

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China Designers flight-test re-entry capsule of reusable manned craft

GOVCN.  Zhao Lei/Huang Yiming. Updated: Jun 27,2016 9:46 AM     China Daily.  China is developing a next-generation, reusable manned spacecraft, senior space agency officials revealed over the weekend after a test flight on a major part of the new craft. “The overall capability of our next-generation manned spacecraft will be much stronger than that of the Shenzhou series,” Zhang Hongtai, president of

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