We Collaborate?

Since May 2015 he started as a personal project Inventorying China, a website that focused on collecting the content of China’s relations with Latin America (www.inventariandochina.com).

As a result, inventorying China is the best database of updated information on that country’s relations with Latin America.

Today, in addition, inventorying China includes monitoring, in English, of public policies that dictate the future of that country and part of its business.

Inventorying China does not generate any income as a public service as originally conceived. However, twelve months later than initially realized in time gradually it has been transformed into daily sessions devoted to the review of the original sources, editing and publishing.

We come before you to request that their representation value donate or sponsor of the resources necessary for the sustainability of China Inventorying or recommending any action it deems appropriate for the same purpose.

The aim is to ensure continuity of service in terms of technology and content management as well as the move towards the creation of a specialized tool for the exchange of goods, services and knowledge community.

Walter Farah Calderón


Perfil Linkedin: https://cr.linkedin.com/in/walterfarah